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Chitra Model Server

Create API for Any Learning Model - ML, DL, Image Classification, NLP, Tensorflow or PyTorch.

What can it do?

  • Serve Any Learning Model
  • Predefined processing functions for image classification (NLP processing functions coming soon)
  • Override custom preprocessing and Postprocessing function with your own.


# install chitra
# pip install -U chitra

from chitra.serve import create_api
from chitra.trainer import create_cnn

model = create_cnn('mobilenetv2', num_classes=2)

create_api(model, run=True, api_type='image-classification')

Open in your browser and try out the API. You can upload any image to try out the API.

If you want to try out Text Classification or Question-Answering task then all you have to do is change api-type="text-classification" or api_type="question-ans" then pass your model and you are all set.

Request Response Schema (JSON body) will be changed based on the api_type.

Preview Question Answering API


Last update: November 26, 2021